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Why Do Kids Hate Reading? (And What Can Be Done To Fix It?)

by L. Oria
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Reading is a very important skill that most kids will have to learn in their time as students. However, it appears that some kids are struggling to enjoy reading or aren’t enjoying it at all. Check out this post to find out the reasons why some kids dislike reading and the steps that can be taken to fix this problem!

What are the reasons kids might dislike reading

There are a variety of reasons that kids might dislike reading. For some, it may be that they find the act of reading itself to be challenging or difficult. This can be due to a number of factors, including poor phonemic awareness, difficulty decoding words, or simply not understanding what they’re reading.

For others, the issue may be with the content of what they’re reading. If kids are only being exposed to boring, dry, or difficult material, it’s no wonder they don’t enjoy reading! It’s important to make sure that kids are given a variety of interesting and engaging books to read, at their appropriate level.

Finally, some kids may dislike reading because they feel like it’s not relevant to their lives or interests. If they don’t see themselves reflected in the stories they’re reading, or if they don’t think what they’re reading is going to help them in any way, they’re naturally not going to be very motivated to read. It’s important to show kids how reading can be useful and fun by finding books that are both enjoyable and beneficial for them.

Simple Ways to Make Reading Fun

Assuming your child already knows how to read, there are many ways to make reading fun.

One way to make reading fun is by finding books that are based on things your child likes. If they’re into dinosaurs, get them a book about dinosaurs. If they like animals, get them a book about animals. You can even find books that are based on movies or TV shows they like.

Another way to make reading fun is by letting them choose their own books. Go to the library or bookstore and let them pick out books they’re interested in. This will help them associate reading with something they enjoy instead of something they have to do.

You can also make reading fun by reading together as a family. Make it a nightly ritual before bedtime or dedicate some time on the weekends to curl up together and read. This will not only create bonding time, but it will also show your child that reading can be enjoyable.

Finally, you can reward your child for reading. Set up a chart with different levels or milestones and offer small prizes when they reach them. This could be anything from extra screen time to a new toy or book.


There are many reasons why kids might hate reading, but there are also plenty of ways to fix the problem. If your child hates reading, try talking to them about why they don’t like it and see if you can find a solution together. There are also lots of fun and engaging ways to get kids interested in reading, so don’t give up hope. With a little patience and effort, you can help your child develop a love for reading.

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